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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

PLS Visit

Visiting Price Lab School was a true eye opener for me. It was great being able to go in and see a classroom setting and actually seeing project-based learning being implemented within the classroom. Hearing from Mrs. Hanna was something I will never forget. Seeing the true passion within her teaching is something I will strive to do when I am out there teaching in my future classroom. That idea of having a passion based learning environment was something I had never really thought about before hearing it from her. She stressed that because she has that passion for what she is doing, she doesn't feel like its work. Classroom settings can tend to be boring for students when they are not doing something they enjoy and with Mrs. Hanna's students this does not happen. Overall it was such a great visit and something I really appreciated being apart of.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Using Calloborative Tools

The use of collaborative tools was such a foreign idea to me, that at first it was a hard idea to follow. Working with my group members on Google docs was tough at first because we were unable to find order in it all. It was a very unorganized process. As we got the hang of it though, we have found that is has been one of the easiest ways to collaborate with. We are able to add any information we need to to our work and can do it without being right next to each other. We are able to be in the comfort of our own homes working on our project. It has been a very beneficial tool for us. We now use google docs with everything we do.

I really enjoy watching the Youtube videos "in plain English." They give such a great straight forward idea of what things are about. Google Docs in plain English is a great video to watch if anyone is looking for a tutorial of how to use it and what it is all about.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Introduction Presentation Experience

I really enjoyed how the classroom was able to have full reigns on how they wanted to go about introducing themselves. If I was able to have more time to do something a little more creative I would have. I liked how we were able to see others in a more personal way. Some of the videos included some student's home life as well as personal interests. I felt that because we had no limits, except time, will this project, people were able to put their own personal touches and humor into it.