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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Creating the Collaborative Research Project

The collaborative research project was a tough one for our group. The idea of communicating solely through collaborative technologies such as Facebook Chat, Skype, Google Docs, or Twitter was hard to do. It was nice though to be able to communicate while sitting in the convenience of my own dorm room or just on my own time.  Our group decided to work through Google Docs so that we could comment on each others ideas and also that fact of being able to do it on our own time. Skype and Facebook Chat would have worked just as well but we would have had to set up a time and date as to when we would want to do this. This project really pushed me to look more into what Google Docs was all about. I really enjoy the idea of commenting and editing on others work.

While creating our collaborative research project, we were introduced to the idea of Jing.
Jing was such a awesome idea that I can see I will be using a lot in the near future. The idea of being able show someone a new form of technology or show someone how to work something online while using your voice to show them is just awesome. My mom calls me all the time asking how to do something on the internet and instead of trying to explain it to her on the phone. I can actually record my voice, showing her exactly how to do it.

To the right is a picture of what the Jing setup would look like! Its super easy to install onto your computer. There are also Jing Toutorials on Youtube that can show you how Jing works.

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