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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Creating/Using Podcasts in Education

The creation of Team Workin' On It's podcast has been such a fun and exciting experience for us. It is such a great tool to use within our classroom and a great tool I plan to use in my future classroom. We are able to incorporate our own ideas into our podcast which makes it that much more individualized to us as students. Our group did our Podcast on the idea of "You Matter." An idea that the wonderful Angela Maiers did a wonderful Youtube Video on.

 While there are several people who speak on the importance of self worth, Angela Maiers is one that leads the way. Angela has spent twenty years as an educator and has worked in a variety of settings. They include university teaching, instructional coaching, research, writing, publishing, corporate training, and she has even started her own business. Angela is very passionate about her work, and she has changed the lives of many people. She is definitely a tremendous inspiration to anyone who follows her work.

 This video was a real inspiration to my group as we are pre-service teachers and are looking to better the community in which we plan to teach in. Through this podcast we were able to further Angela's ideas and also incorporate our own personal past experiences with the idea of "you matter." Angela Maiers has a wonderful website which incorporates more of her work and also more into the "you matter" idea. 

Our group was able to get in contact with Angela and talk to her about our podcast. She was extreamly excited to hear that we working on this podcast. We will be sharing this podcast with her in hopes that she is able to incorporate it into her blog.  

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