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Friday, April 13, 2012

Global Learning Effects on Education

For some reason I never stopped to think about the idea of what I am learning right now, is being implemented in other places around the country. The idea of being able to Skype a classroom across that country blows my mind because when I was younger there was nothing like this besides the idea of "pen pals." The technology we have today to make this all happen is amazing. When doing this though, we have to think about the time difference. This is also something that I forgot to take into account. Also, some other countries are not able to have some of the technology advances that we do due to the fact that they cant afford it.

The idea of getting in contact with another classroom across the something I hope to implement within my classroom. I think it is such a great opportunity for students to see more diverse atmosphere. There is such more that the students could get out of when having this opportunity. Technology today gives us great opportunity to connect globally. This You Tube Video below gives great reasons as to why we are able to get connect.

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