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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Global Learning Experience

The flat classroom project is a amazing program founded by Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay. In which I have linked their own personal Blogs to. These two ladies merged their classroom's together to create the idea of having a flat classroom.  This brings together middle school and high school students. Our classroom was able to skype with Vicki Davis. This was such a great opportunity for our classroom because we were able to hear first hand how she implements project based learning with in the classroom.Vicki mentioned that she uses the same idea as Google does. She gives her students 20% of classroom time to allow students to work on their own projects, doing things that they are personally interested in. This gives the students the ability to work on what they want to do. Which leads back to the whole idea of "passion" based learning. The students can be more passionate about what they are doing, and with that passion comes great ideas. The 20% idea is something that I really want to implement within my future classroom.

Above is a video talking more about the 20% time idea.

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