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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Googe Sketch Up

Google Sketch Up  is such a great tool used when looking to create a sketch of pretty much anything. We used this particularly to create a boundless playground. Through Google sketch up we were able to design and playground that would be well equipped for students with special needs. A lot of playgrounds are not accommodated for students who may be in wheel chairs or may have difficulty climbing. Below is a picture of the finished project of our playground using Google Sketch Up.

A link to this actual google sketch up is on Chase Piper's Blog. We worked collaborative on this project. As you can see from the picture we weren't able to fully finish the project but it was coming a long greatly.


  1. Very nice play ground. It looks like you have a wide variety of equipment on your playground. Nice work!

  2. Very well formed playground. Its a great size and has many different types of equippment for the students.