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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Using Problem Based Learning

Using problem based learning, or otherwise known as "passion" based learning, within classroom is, in my opinion, one of the most beneficial ways to learn. Students are able to have more of a hands on feeling. The excessive lecturing from teachers gets students know where. Do you honestly think they are listening to what you have to say? Not at all. When the students have a passion or at least a drive for what they are doing, it makes the experience that much more memorable. Students who try and sit there, listen to a teacher talk for 45 minutes, try and retain what they are hearing, and spit it back out on a test, are not going to remember the content of that lesson at all. Its projects or activities that they are going to remember more. Ask yourself, do you remember that 50 question test you took in high school? Or do you remember that community project you did that really made a difference in your community? Most everyone would say they remember the community project. Not only is there more of a drive within the students, but there is also a drive with the teachers as well. The teachers are able to sit back and gain ideas and knowledge from their students, as their students create. Its such a wonderful concept. I have found a wonderful article by Kimberly Vincent, talking about the Nine Tenets of Passion-Based Learning.  It gives nine great ideas on how to incorporate this passion-based learning within our classrooms.

Looking further into problem-based learning, I found an incredible video that gives great insight into problem-based learning. It incorporates not only the teachers point of view, but also the students point of view on problem-based learning.  This is a group of academy science students who are allying the scientific method and working collaboratively to diagnose medical cases.

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