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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lincoln Elementary Visit

  Two students playing math games on their classroom Ipod touches. 
Talk about eye opening experience! Take a look at Lincoln Elementary School in Cedar Falls and be prepared to be amazed.  I sure was. The technology they have in their classrooms amazes me and gets me that much more excited to be able to use the tools I am learning now in CCA and put them into my classroom. Seeing the students use the technology first hand was awesome. I wasn't able to have the things they had when I was in school. I remember maybe being able to use the computers here and there but nothing like the children where using. Technology is changing everyday and the things that are being implemented in the classroom for children use is extremely amazing. Something that really stood out to me on this visit was the way the classrooms were set up. The students were not sitting single file in their desks while the teachers is talking. The students were scattered across the room in groups, doing stations with tools that were not only educational, but also fun for the students. I could tell that the students really enjoyed what they were doing. The picture showed above is a picture of two students playing math games on there classroom Ipod touches.

After seeing these students on these Ipods I got to thinking... how do you go about finding apps online and are they free? As a prospective teacher I feel the need for these things to cross my mind. I then began to explore some resources on finding some great educational math apps for the Ipods. I then came across a blog called Wired Educator in which talks all about some great math apps for this. I felt is was cool to hear some other perspectives on some good apps for some future reference.